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Are freemasons worshipping the devil?

No. Freemasonry is not a worship. We do not worship any entity. And any worship, under any name, which is offensive to our humanistic values is not compatible with Freemasonry.

Is Le Droit Humain the only “real” Freemasonry order in Ireland?

No. There are more than one order of Freemasonry in Ireland, and Le Droit Humain is the latest addition. Some others orders may or may not recognize us as “real” or “valid” or “fraternal”, they may see our order as being out of order and “irregular”. They would not allow their members to visit us, …

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How much does it cost to join Freemasonry?

The cost of joining the Order is associated with the cost of running it. The total cost will depend on each lodge, but it should never exceed what you would be ready to pay for joining a club (a choir, a theater group, a sports club or a gym). There is a once-off joining fee …

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Can you be a freemason if you are… an atheist?

Yes. We do not discriminate on any irrelevant grounds. The reference to the “Great Architect of the Universe” (formerly the “Supreme Being” found in the French Constitution) does not necessitate the belief in a personal deity or in any deity. It does not contradict such as belief either, but it does not imply it. The …

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