Can you be a freemason if you are… an atheist?

Yes. We do not discriminate on any irrelevant grounds.

The reference to the “Great Architect of the Universe” (formerly the “Supreme Being” found in the French Constitution) does not necessitate the belief in a personal deity or in any deity. It does not contradict such as belief either, but it does not imply it.

The “Great Architect of the Universe” can of course be understood to be the god(s) of any religion our members may adhere to. But it can also be “science” or “human consciousnesses”, etc..

For Freemasons, the concept of “Great Architect of the Universe” is an organizing principle rather than a dogmatic belief. Freemasonry does not offer dogmas.

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    • Luana Trindade Monteiro on 13 August 2019 at 11:07 am
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    I never applied before,
    I’m from Brazil and I study in Ireland, my country is here now and all my life will be.
    I am lesbian, very feminine, is hard the people know about me, I have a relationship with a Irish woman, we have own apartment and our life.
    I always tried to find myself in somewhere since I was a child. My country is absolutely cristian but the culture is very different.
    I know and I feel in my heart I am ready for start to grown more, physically and spiritually.
    Practicing charity and kindness intelligently and safely, I want to be useful and feel useful.
    Unfortunately I am not fluent in English yet, I speak intermediate, but the art, science and the worlds captivate me, I feel I can find me in Freemason.
    I always felt I’ve been on a journey to find my way,
    but I haven’t found myself yet.
    I am 28 years old, I have a degree in graphic design and I have skills in technology.
    I don’t know nobody, not what I know.
    I have faith.

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