Can you be a freemason if you are… not well-off?

Yes. We do not discriminate on any irrelevant grounds.
Some Freemason orders may feel that their traditions warrant such discrimination, but ours feels that such discrimination is counter productive in our search for truth and self-improvement.

The cost of being a Freemason is similar to the cost of belonging to any club or organization.
It would not cost more, or less, than belonging to an acting club or to a sports club, or to a gym.

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  1. Discrimination against anyone on the basis of their having or not having money is narrow-minded and reflects very poorly on anyone who allows it as part of their dealings with others. In an ever-increasingly elitist and polarised world we should all attempt to “meet on the level and part on the square”. It’s what a person caries in his heart which is important, not what he carries in his pocket. It is good that LDH makes it clear that wealth is irrelevant on the pilgrim path.

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