Does Freemasonry support a political party?


Freemasonry is not political.

It expects its members to form and keep their own political convictions, and it does not permit discussion on political matters at Masonic meetings and gatherings.

Traditionally, some orders may be, in some countries, identified with some political wings or parties.
But the reality is that members of all parties may belong to any of the orders so “identified”.

It is only natural that more conservative orders may attract more people for more conservative parties, that more liberal orders may attract more people for more liberal parties, that more progressive orders may attract more people for more progressive parties. But it is just coincidental.

As long as someone shares the humanistic values of Freemasonry, there is no reason to exclude them (or include them) on political grounds.

Historically, some authoritarian regimes may have banned Freemasonry, but that can only be seen as a good sign.

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