Is Le Droit Humain the only “real” Freemasonry order in Ireland?


There are more than one order of Freemasonry in Ireland, and Le Droit Humain is the latest addition.

Some others orders may or may not recognize us as “real” or “valid” or “fraternal”, they may see our order as being out of order and “irregular”. They would not allow their members to visit us, or allow our members to visit them. That is likely to be the case, for instance, of orders that do not accept women in their midst

Some may recognize us in spite of our divergences on some points.

We think that openness and fraternal relationships are more important than organizational structures, national boundaries or unjustified prejudices. We are open to discuss with members of all the orders who share the common grounds of Freemasonry, whether they desire to be members of our order or not.

Also, because we are an international order, we work closely with our Sisters and Brethren in other countries.

We aim at practising an authentic Freemasonry, without casting doubts on how “real” other practices are. They are just not our practices. They are only one of the paths to the truth, the one we have chosen.


[notice]Edit February 2014:
A handful of former members of our Pioneer Lodge decided, after their expulsion, to create their own order independent of Le Droit Humain, using the name of our Pioneer Lodge Elizabeth St Leger, and backdating their decision to January 2014.

They have no connection to Pioneer Lodge Elizabeth St Leger or Le Droit Humain.


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