Is membership a secret?

No. And Yes…

No, not for you

No, it is not one of the “secret” of Freemasonry. You can reveal your membership to whom you want, when you want.

It is even strongly encouraged that you let your family know. It is encouraged that you let your friends know. Because family and friends are the best counsel anyone can find.
They can keep you in check and make sure that you do not let any activity in your life “take over”; that includes Freemasonry.
They can also advise you when you are wondering if you should invest more time with Freemasonry, by taking more responsibilities, or if you are doing enough already as regards to your other social obligations.

As for work, or religious groups you belong too, or other social clubs, it is up to you to decide whom to tell and when to tell them. And if someone is approaching you to ask about it, they may be interested, so feel free to share. But you are certainly not encouraged to “talk people into joining”.

Yes, for others

Just like anything which relates to the intimate (e.g., religion, sexuality, spirituality, relationships, fantasies, dreams and hopes), there is a difference between “coming out” by yourself to people, and “being outed” by others.

It is unacceptable to disclose someone’s membership without their express and renewed consent.
It is similar to the coming out/outing of gay people: it should not be a big deal to be “out”, but it is never acceptable to “out” someone else.

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