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Will a judge show leniency to me if we are both freemasons?

A judge should be impartial, and Freemasons should be law abiding. So your membership as a Freemason would not tilt the balance of Justice one way or the other. But if it did (it won’t), it should be in the sense of more severity. If you are committing a crime in civil law, you have …

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What is the highest “level” or “degrees” of Freemasonry? Is it 3? or 33? or 34?

This point is often misunderstood included by Freemasons themselves. The highest degree in Freemasonry is the 3rd: Master Mason There is no “higher” level than the 3rd. It is the degree needed to take part in masonic work, for instance chairing a lodge meeting. A Master Mason is as high as you can get as …

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The International Order of Freemasonry for men and women, Le Droit Humain, is worldwide. Membership is open to all adults, without distinction of gender, biological or cultural heritage, or personal beliefs. For information: Le Droit Humain in the world: