Can you be a freemason if you are… “Colored”?

Yes. We do not discriminate on any irrelevant grounds. Especially not based on racist fantasies.
Some Freemason orders may feel that their traditions warrant such discrimination, but ours feels that such discrimination is counter productive in our search for truth and self-improvement.

First, the term “Colored” (or “Black”, or “Negro”, or “Asian”, or “Caucasian”, or other racial/ethnic/etc. terminologies) in itself is inherited from a tradition of discrimination based on invalid scientific concepts. For instance no one is “black”. Some people’s skin can be various shades of brown, pink, or other… but never “black”. Why then use a word referring to something else than the actual color?
This was very smartly addressed in the film Pleasantville.

We welcome members of all cultural and biological backgrounds, without caring for the hue of the color of their skin, and without reference to cultural bias they may suffer due to the circumstances of their births.

We are not color-blind: we see people’s true colors, and that does not include the color of their skin.

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