How much does it cost to join Freemasonry?

The cost of joining the Order is associated with the cost of running it.
The total cost will depend on each lodge, but it should never exceed what you would be ready to pay for joining a club (a choir, a theater group, a sports club or a gym).

There is a once-off joining fee when joining a lodge.
There is then an annual fee, to be paid every year.
There is a fee associated with each ceremony linked to masonic degrees.
None of these fees would exceed a 2 figure number.

Then you can expect costs related to charitable activities, but again they should never stretch to anything that would be unreasonable for any other voluntary activities or hobbies.

Members are invited to not contribute above their means, and as a guideline, to not volunteer further sums that would exceed what they would give a charity or their church if they contribute to such bodies.
The value of members is not indexed to their financial contribution.

A good guideline is that if your expenses on any voluntary activity is over 1% of your disposable income, you should start to look closer and start thinking about cutting back.

The most precious contribution will more likely be the time you invest, as long as that time does not interfere with other social obligations, especially family and work obligations.

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